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Magic Mirror for Events

  • Hi All

    new to the forum. I’m from the UK. What brings me to the forum is the fact i am looking to by a magic mirror to hire out for weddings and commercial events.

    i have seen some magic mirrors from a few reputable companies in the UK but the price is 6k plus fora full package.
    i have a few questions if any one help me

    is there any companies outside UK that make magic mirrors for events?
    can any one on the forum make one?

    KInd Regards

  • @6447858

    A bit more details are needful to realize what kind of mirror with what kind of module or possibilities this mirror must be developed.

    What dimensions?

  • Apologies for the lack of info.dimensions are about 1.65m (H) 1.01m (W) 0.65m (D) but that would be the whole unit including the flight case

    some links below

    if you view the video

    i know that it uses a 43" tv
    and i believe the glass panel itself is about 60" or 70"

    does this help?

  • Wow, that’s a monster. Very massive in the depth.

    There is nothing similar to a real mirror. It’s more a cabinet with a mounted mirror.

    Sorry, my opinion.

  • lol thanks

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    @lolobyte Well, if it’s gonna be for rental it needs to be built like a friggin rock and especially needs a solid base.

    And if it’s gonna be mirror all the way down to the floor I would make it at least 1.8m high.

    BUT the biggest concern I would have is making the software stable and easy enough to use by drunk people.

  • Broberg, it is for rental. the outer case is flight case so that makes it pretty solid and stable.

    software i assume can be bought on licence

    i dont fancy spending 6k+ when i know it could be built within a fraction of the cost.

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    Okey, lets look at the costs,

    mirror glass 1.6x1m will cost ju about 180-300 euro depending on what type you choose.
    55" OLED TV (55" would fill most of the size and OLED will work better for a smartMirror due to the contrast and pure black). 1700-2000 euro
    the software (from mirror me booth) is 3100 euro
    then we have the computer, probably to much for a raspberry, so you need a intel/amd machine
    for about say 200-300eur as a minimum.
    Then some other hardware as camera, probably 50eur
    If you want it to be touch the cheapest way is IR-frame on around the mirror around 300eur,
    running touch foil will set you back around 400eur

    180+1700+3100+200+50+300 = 5530 Eur and that’s only the most essential parts,

    Don’t get me wrong, I would also build my own, just saying that in the end it rarely get cheaper financially by doing it yourself.

  • I see what your saying. Most firms don’t used a OLED to instead they use a 43" LCD TVs.

    Anyone know any companies in Europe that develope the magic mirror.


  • @broberg said in Magic Mirror for Events:

    the software (from mirror me booth) is 3100 euro

    I have much more cheaper software than this. For only USD100. 🙂
    Let me know if you guys succesfully created your own Magic Mirror.

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