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Error REQUEST_DENIED in Google-Maps (MMM-google-route)

  • Hi, guys,

    I finished tinkering with my mirror today.
    I wanted to get an early morning update on my commute.

    Therefore I use MMM-google-route (or are there better alternatives (optical / functional)?)
    I have adapted the destinations 😉

            module: 'MMM-google-route',
            position: 'bottom_left',
            config: {
                key: 'AIzaSyDuzRUs_n4gf2DMK2uZxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
                    origin: 'Willy-Brandt-Platz, 04109 Leipzig',
                    destination: 'Terminalring 11, 04435 Schkeuditz'

    As soon as I start the mirror, only a “grey” window appears, with the hint
    Google directions service status:

    I created the API key half an hour ago. ( API Key for Javascript?

  • @CanbiZ not javascript… for Maps…

    also, u have to create a billable account, with credit card… else won’t work.

  • I have the same issue, this is weird because I have already had a billable account which has a running Kubernetes cluster, I did everything but google returning the “REQUEST DENIED”.