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Some modules not displaying before 12 'o clock

  • I’m encountering an issue where some modules won’t work before 12 'o clock in the afternoon.
    As far as i’m aware, this happens every time with:

    • Compliments
    • list itemMMM-GoogleAssistant
    • list itemMMM-Remote-Control

    I’ve checked the timezone of the raspberry pi and it’s correct for my case (Europe/Brussels; CEST)

  • @Joeritn what do u mean won’t work?
    Google assistant doesn’t display anything
    compliments have time based display. do u have things to display in the morning?

  • @sdetweil the “jarvis” command doesn’t bring up the Google Assistant. The indicator light of the webcam that acts as microphone doesn’t light up either. After 12 'o clock GA works again, but sometimes I have to do “pm2 restart mm” first.

    I do have compliments on any time of the day. I’ve attached my config file below.

                                             module: "compliments",
                                             position: "top_bar",
                                             config: {
                                                     compliments: {
                                                             anytime: [
                                                                     "Hey there, sexy!"
                                                             morning:! [
                                                                     "Good morning, handsome!",
                                                                     "Enjoy your day!",
                                                                     "How was your sleep?",
                                                                     "Pluk de dag.",
                                                                     "Go get 'em, tiger!"
                                                             afternoon: [
                                                                     "Hello, beauty!",
                                                                     "You look sexy!",
                                                                     "Looking good today!",
                                                                     "Goeiemiddag, lekker ding!"
                                                             evening: [
                                                                     "Wow, you look hot!",
                                                                     "You look nice!",
                                                                     "Hi, sexy!"
                                                             "....-01-01": [
                                                                     "Happy new year!"
                                                             "....-01-25": [
                                                                     "Gelukkige verjaardag, Kelly!"
                                                             "....-06-12": [
                                                                     "Gelukkige verjaardag, Joeri!"
                                                             "....-07-20": [
                                                                     "Gelukkige verjaardag, Manou!"
                                                             day_sunny: [
                                                                     "Today is a sunny day",
                                                                     "It's a beautiful day"
                                                             snow: [
                                                                     "Snowball battle!"
                                                             rain: [
                                                                     "Don't forget your umbrella"
                                                             night_clear: [
                                                                     "Je kan sterretjes spotten!"

  • @Joeritn file attach doesn’t work

  • @Joeritn are you using module scheduler?

  • @sdetweil nope, no module scheduler

  • @Joeritn I see u opened and closed an issue. did u find the solution?

  • I’ll test tomorrow morning and report back

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