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Magic mirror with 2 displays

  • hello everyone, I am making a Magic Mirror with an rpi4 and 2 screens that I place on top of each other. When I run the Magic Mirror software, it only shows on 1 screen. Is there a possibility to do this on the 2 screens?

  • @Ety60 I haven’t been able to make it use both displays on startup… I can drag the image to fill both screens…

    you can fiddle with the display options

    var config = { 
         electronOptions : { ????? },
         modules : []

    x and y describe the top left corner of the display
    width and height describe the size and shape of the page

    kiosk mode turns on fullscreen, no title bar, and some other things, not resizable I think… really a pain on mac)

    the defintion of these options are here

    I use the electronOptions to have MM run on the second display on my desktop system

    electronOptions: { x: 1920 },

    so I tried

     electronOptions: { x: 0, width: 1920, height: 2160, minHeight: 2160, kiosk: false, fullscreen: false,  backgroundColor: "#00000001", autoHideMenuBar :true},

    and it starts fullscreen on the 1st monitor (had to crop the screen shot to get it under 2 meg)
    Screenshot at 2020-08-07 08-34-36.png

    electronOptions: { x: 1920, width: 1920, height: 2160, minHeight: 2160, kiosk: false, fullscreen: false,  backgroundColor: "#00000001", autoHideMenuBar :true}, 

    and it starts large, on the second monitor, but not quite full screen as the taskbar is not present on monitor 2.
    Screenshot at 2020-08-07 08-35-02.png

    neither the system , nor MM know about the physical placement of the displays

  • @Ety60 i have played with all kinds of scripts that ‘should’ work, but don’t… all oldish 2-3 years

  • @sdetweil thanks for your quick and very complete answer. But do I understand that it is not possible to run the software on 2 screens? Could it be possible to run a separate magic mirror on each screen?

  • @Ety60 yes, rename one MagicMirror folder to MagicMirror2 and install a second instance, and in the config.js of one use the
    to display beyond the 1st display

  • @sdetweil I addded electronOptions: {x: 1920} to my config file and I didn’t get an error but it still only shows up on the first screen. Am I doing something wrong?

  • @Ety60 like this, inside the config structure

    var config={
       electronOptions:{ x: 1920 },
        modules :[],

  • Thanks for the quick respons
    Yes, exact like that.

  • hm, this is mine, cut and paste, opens on second display

    var config = {
      electronOptions: { x: 1920}, 

    are you using docker or MagicMirrorOS

  • I found the error, because I put the 2 screens on top of each other, not x but y = 1920.
    But I have found that the magicmirror2 folder is listening for the config file of the magicmirror folder. How can I adjust this?

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