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MMM-Fritz-Box-Callmonitor // How to display internal calls & names?

  • I am using the MMM-Fritz-Box-Callmonitor to display incoming calls on my mirror.
    For number to name conversion I´m using a vcard file, which works fine for external numbers.

    Actually I´m struggling to find a way to display & convert internal numbers into names.

    I am using a SIP doorbell which is hooked up to the FritzBox as an internal phone.
    When this one rings, there`s no popup on the mirror.

    Does anyone know how to solve this?

  • Did you find a solution to this one? I intend to buy a doorbell with video and I want to integrate its video also.

  • @binderth

    Unfortunately I didn‘t find a solution to get notified on internal calls.

    I am using my multiroom audio now to advise of somebody being at the door, instead of the MM.

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