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Won’t connect hdmi?

  • Hey guys I have a problem I’m not understanding.
    I’ve connected my rasp pi to my tv via hdmi cord and it worked perfectly fine once I got a charging block that had more power to support it. However I moved and am trying to connect my rasp pi to my tv screen and it won’t read for some reason. The tv and rasp pi both turn out however for some reason the hdmi won’t show on the tv. It was working before i left so not too sure what could’ve gone wrong Any thoughts on this ?

  • @sungcome same HDMI port on tv? mine has 4. have to use remote to change the source

  • Yeah. So I’m not sure why it won’t show

  • Project Sponsor

    Have you tried temporarily hooking up the Pi to a computer monitor? Verify that the Pi is outputting a signal, then try a different HDMI input on your TV.

    I have also found that connecting everything and setting the input to the appropriate plug and then turning on the Pi is helpful. You’ll get to see the Pi boot sequence which eliminates any issue with the Magic Mirror interface/electron not displaying content.

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