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[MMM-PIR-Sensor] Install failing

  • @yawns I’ve been reading up further on this, and i’ve found that version 53 doesn’t actually exist yet, and 51 is currently the latest. Have you any idea how i’d get this to work with this information? thanks.

  • hi there,

    finally i had the time to work / finish my magic mirror.
    Just the PIR-Sensor-Plugin doesn’t work… After I updated the MM to 2.1.1 I did a fresh install of the script which worked without an error. Yay!

    BUT the script is not turning off my monitor… I connected the sensor to GPIO04 / BCM07 and tried to change the SensorPin-Number (from 4 to 7)

    I put the sensor in a black box so the display should shut down after starting Magic Mirror, right?

  • Hmmmm, black screen, and nothing on a browser at http://192.168.n.nn:8080/ either.

    		module: 'MMM-PIR-Sensor',
    		config: {
    		sensorPIN: 22,
                    powerSaving: true,
                    relayPIN: false,
                    powerSavingDelay: 0,
                    relayOnState: 1
    			// See 'Configuration options' for more information.

  • Do I need anything else than the raspi, cable and pir sensor?
    An arduino for example?

    Kind regards

  • Moderator

    No. You can connect the PIR sensor to the GPIO pins of your raspberry (make sure your wiring is proper) and work with the PIR sensor after installing the specific libraries

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