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No Tour de France module???

  • Hi,
    I looked today for a module for the Tour de France…and found none.
    But I was able to integrate a kind of screenshot from a webside with the total results.
    I would like to share it with you.
    Create a file with the following content, name it tdf.html and store it in the MagicMirror-modules folder (sorry, I was not able to add it as a html-source, only as a picture, but it is standard-html and only some lines:-)):


    Download and install the MMM-SmartWebDisplay if not done before and add the following part to your config.js

    			module: 'MMM-SmartWebDisplay',
    			position: 'top_center',	
    			config: {
    				logDebug: false, 
    				height: "1000px", 
                             	updateInterval: 15, 
                 	                NextURLInterval: 0, 
    				displayLastUpdate: false, 
                	                url: ["/modules/tdf.html"], 

    leads to this screen:



  • Module Developer

    @thgmirror yeah i tried one last year but didn’t get finished in time. You’re right there should be a module using some api.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Short update, same idea as above:


    This is the videotext of the german broadcast ARD, looks more like MM:-)

    Built by this html (which I still can’t add as coding):


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