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First Build.

  • Finished my first Magic Mirror build this weekend.
    My build:

    Raspberry Pi 3B
    Older Dell monitor that I had in storage
    Ikea Edsbruk 19 ¾x27 ½ frame

    I built a support frame using 1x2inch boards and attached that to the back of the Ikea frame with 1 inch corner brackets

    I initially tried to use mirror film on the Ikea plexiglass but that was a giant fail so I ended up buying a two way mirror plexiglass sheet from Canal Plastics in NYC.

    Initial programming

    Frame-- I cleaned up the wiring with some zip ties and brackets before securing the support frame to the Ikea frame permanently.
    Image from iOS (2).jpg

    Final setup… with dog.
    Image from iOS (3).jpg

    On the wall.

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