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Dev mode elements only showing fullscreen

  • Used to be able to use developer mode and use the top left icon to select individual modules, now my only option is it highlights the fullscreen, therefore not allowing me to select individual modules.

    Any ideas?

  • @monkeyboy126 icon? u mean tab?

    grab the dev window border with the mouse and move it over

  • Probably not explaining it very well. In dev more, there are tabs across the top (Elements, Console, Sources etc) but to the left of them are 2 icons, one a square with an arrow in it and the other toggle device toolbar. So when I click the left-most icon (square with an arrow), I used to be able to go into the main MM screen and choose individual models to inspect them. Now, instead of that happening, as soon as I move the mouse over to the MM area, it just highlights the whole MM screen, so I can’t choose an individual module to inspect.

    Hope that makes more sense

  • @monkeyboy126 ok, ne ver used those icons before… they act like toggles on my machine…

    either select via the web page or select by navigating the element tree, I have always used the elements tree… it highights as you move over the tree…

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