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Video player -> would someone like to help me to write a program?

  • Hi Guys,

    i need help with writing a program and unfortunately i don’t know how to start. I have already implemented a number of Raspberry projects, but only according to instructions or I only had to make small changes, for which I was able to work out the solution specifically with the help of google.

    Now I want to create something completely own, for which I couldn’t find anything comparable on the Internet that I can paraphrase.

    It’s about the following and probably also quite simple project:

    I need a video player that pulls random videos from different folders and plays them back. The function should then be as follows:

    The Raspberry starts up and pulls a random video from “Folder 1”. The randomly selected video should now play in a continuous loop until a button is pressed via GPIO. When the button is pressed, a random video from “Folder 2” should be played. As soon as this video has expired, a random video from “Folder 3” should start. As soon as this video is played, a random video from “Folder 1” should be played in a loop again, as at the beginning, until the button is pressed.

    That’s all. It would be “a nice to have” if I can feed the videos to the memory card via my network. However, the videos have to be saved locally on the Pi’s memory card or an plugged in USB stick, since the application should also work without a network connection when on the move.

    Can someone help me with this or, even better, write me a corresponding program?

    Of course, I would also be grateful and, depending on the actual effort, give the helping person a discount on my mirror (if there is interest in it) or something similar. I would be really very grateful. Unfortunately I can’t do it alone and I just don’t have the time to teach myself everything to make this project a reality.

    Thanks in Advance

  • @Goldjunge_Chriz you don’t need python for this. you can do it all in javascript

  • @sdetweil

    Unfortunately, it comes out the same. Regardless of the programming language, I am not able to set it up on my own.

    In which programming language it finally runs, I don’t care 🙂 it should just work.

  • @Goldjunge_Chriz MMM-VideoPlayer gets close.

    this module has buttons on screen u can use w mouse or touchscreen. similar idea

    for the storage, you always use something in the module folder. For server side, you mount the server shared folder and then use the linux ln command to make a link into the module folder.

  • @sdetweil

    The whole thing should not run on the Magicmirror, but as a completely independent solution. A completely new Pi (preferably the Zero WH) that only fulfills the above-mentioned function, nothing else. I don’t need any buttons either, you don’t have to switch anything, pause, etc., I don’t need any of that 😉

  • @Goldjunge_Chriz ok, thx. this forum is for magic mirror related work.

  • @sdetweil

    I know 😅 that’s why I posted it in general discussions. I’ve been an active member here for years and I was just hoping someone with programming experience could help me, even if it’s not a magicmirror project.

  • May be you can check ? this is open source media player, you can modify the source code to support your feature ?

  • @ashishtank said in Video player -> would someone like to help me to write a program?:

    May be you can check ? this is open source media player, you can modify the source code to support your feature ?

    many thanks 🙂 I know this player. Unfortunately it is and remains just a player. Here too… some script has to be created to implement my wishes. And here is the problem again …

  • I need something simple that works according to the following example scheme:

    Start loop
    Select random Video from Folder “placeholder 1”
    IF GPIO “XY” ist true
    THAN Select random Video from Folder “placeholder 2”
    ELSE Loop previous selected Video from Folder “placeholder 1”
    IF selected random Video from Folder “placeholder 2” is over
    THAN select random Video from Folder “placeholder 3”
    IF selected random Video from Folder “placeholder 3” is over
    THAN go Back to start
    End Loop

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