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MMM-PlexSlideshow won't randomize

  • I had to rebuild my MM RPi. Installed MMM-PlexSlideshow and copied and set up config from the source. The old MM would randomize the photos. New one will only display in alphabetical order. Relevant part of config.js is below. Can anyone help?

    			module: 'MMM-PlexSlideshow',
    			position: 'fullscreen_above',
    			config: {
    			  plex: {
    				  hostname:"IP Address",
    				transitionImages: true,
    				backgroundSize: "contain",
    				randomizeImageOrder: true,	

  • @eprostko there seem to be multiple repos by that name. none have a randomize option. which repo at you using?

    u can find out by

    cd to the module folder, then git remote -v

  • This is the result of git remote -v
    origin (fetch)
    origin (push)

    Maybe the option to randomize isn’t there. I’m sure when I built the MM in the first placein Dec 2019, it randomized.

    My urgency is gone now because I have worked around this problem. My Plex server was a separate RPi. I removed Plex from that one and made it a Samba file server. Now I’m using MMM-ImageSlideshow on my MM RPi and pulling them via a shared folder. That’s working fine for me and randomizes.

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