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  • Hi all. I am currently working on a MagicMirror. I have the pi4 4gb and I have the program running on a monitor until I have the actual mirror made. I have the PIR sensor I want to add so when approached, it will trigger off and light up LED strip lights as a sort of mood light. Is it possible to have these light up using the usb port? PS I am totally noob to this. Any help or pointers greatly appreciated. TIA

  • Hi Hec,

    This is what i am looking to do also, i figure that if you use the PIR and a button module to trigger a button press when the the PIR is activated. I think i saw on the raspberry pi forum that the power to the USB ports can be turned on and off this way however this only works with all usb ports and cant be done individually.

    If you come across a better method please let me know.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    The triggers that turn on and off the monitor are different in the Pi4 then they were in the Pi3.

    I would spend some research time on the internet seeing what the new commands are 🙂

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