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How to use MMM-GoogleAssistant?

  • I started making my own magic mirror with Raspberry Pi4, USB soundcard, Audiotechnika Microphone, HDMI Monitor.

    I installed MMM-GoogleAssistant, MMM-Assistant2Display. (I follow MMM-GoogleAssistant’s github wiki. Google cloud platform, credentials, auth and test, token or other everything)

    My other modules are working well.(weather, news, spotify) But I dont know how to use MMM-GoogleAssistant. I tested microphone to recording something in Raspberry Pi.

    arecord -l shows card2 USB device. And I wrote plughw:2 to config.

    How can I use MMM-GoogleAssistant? Is it has any command or hotword exist? (OK google doesnt work)

    Sorry for my english.
    Thank you🙏

  • @mental0816 looks like the default hotword is “Jarvis”.

    then u can do whatever you would do w google Assistant. turn on lights, find directions ask questions

    with recipes turn off monitor… etc

  • thx 😃 mic doesnt work so well.
    so I changed. and it works.

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