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set issue under MagicMirror OS

  • Hello,

    I switched to MagicMirror OS ( & it is running fairly smooth. Used Raspberry desktop version in past.

    Only issue I have no, that I cannot make the display turn off & turn on by PIR sensor connected to PIN-header. Without that I burn energy like hell during none use…

    Usally I turn off by python script:"DISPLAY=:0 xset s activate", shell=True)

    and turn on by:"DISPLAY=:0 xset s reset", shell=True)

    Seems that MM interface is running on “tty7 session”.
    Trying to activate in screen tty1 (on PI with keyboard), does not show any effect…

    sleep 1;DISPLAY=:0 xset s activate

    Does I not understand the display and tty sessions maybe?

  • The Package x11-xserver-utils which contains the xset command is not installed in the docker image used by MagicMirrorOS.

    The problem is you want a small docker image because pulling new images is “not very fast” on a pi. So you cannot put everything into this image someone may need but 98% not.

    In this case I think it makes sense because the usecase is not exotic and the image size increases only about 20MB. Will let you know here when you can test this.

  • My first answer was to fast, i missed the python stuff, python is also missing in the image.

    So if you need python the better approach is to build your own docker image. You can use the existing image used in MagicMirrorOS as base image and install the dependencies x11-xserver-utils, python3, …

  • Thanks, Iam not very familiar with Docker compilation, then I will try a fresh install in old school way and rotate screen by CSS, that also saved a lot of CPU/GPU use already…

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