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2 modules with old data

  • Hello,
    in awe of my MM I noticed 2 display errors:

    • agenda, there is a delay of 2 hours in advance on the rendez-vous entered in Google Calendar, I added 2 “test” rendez-vous for tomorow and there the time is good, this delay occurs for the rendez-vous set from in 2 days.
    • MMM-soccer:
      the match day is wrong: it’s 3 and not 1, on the other hand the classification is good. I did a git pull and npm install but it doesn’t change anything

    thanks for your help


  • For the agenda the problem comes from the recurrences, if I put a single appointment the time is good if the appointment is a recurrence (every week for example) there is a delay of 2 hours in advance.
    I noted the appointments via the smartphone and the display via my pc is good.
    I do not understand…


  • @RIKKO14 mm calendar bug, see sticky post at the top of the troubleshooting section for workaround til next release

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