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Cant recieve RSS feed

  • I have had other feeds working correctly, however when trying to use the default newsfeed module with “”, it doesn’t load.

    Note: “” does work.

    At this point, i’m lost.
    Someone have any answers?

  • @Abram can u put those in a browser and see what u get?

  • @Abram looks like that feed isn’t formatted as MM expects…

    the code expects some kind of published date on each item entry, while the feed only lists that as part of the feed header

    			const title = item.title;
    			let description = item.description || item.summary || item.content || "";
    			const pubdate = item.pubdate || item.published || item.updated || item["dc:date"];  // get pub date date
    			const url = item.url || || "";
    			if (title && pubdate) {  //< - ---
    < rss version="2.0">
    < channel>
    < title>RSS — Australia’s leading news site | Technology< /title>
    < link>< /link>
    < description> — Australia’s leading news site news feed for the Technology category.< /description>
    < pubDate>Sat, 10 Oct 2020 00:19:58 +1100< /pubDate>
    < lastBuildDate>Sat, 10 Oct 2020 00:19:58 +1100< /lastBuildDate>
    < language>en-au< /language>
    < copyright>Copyright 2017 Nationwide News Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.< /copyright>
    < generator>WordPress VIP< /generator>
    < ttl>5< /ttl>
    < item>
    < title>Google must pay for news, court rules< /title>
    < subtitle>Google forced to pay for news in France, after appeals court dismisses tech giant’s pleas< /subtitle>
    < link>< /link>
    < description>
    < ![CDATA[ The Australian competition watchdog has welcomed an “important decision” by French authorities that will force Google to pay publishers for the news they use. ]]>
    < /description>
    < vertical>Finance< /vertical>
    < section>Media< /section>

  • @Abram the current code has no ability to see the header or its contents