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Calendar and Slideshow capabilites

  • Hello, I have just discovered MMM and I am considering a calendar project. My question is very basic but I guess I have to start somewhere. I would like to have a slideshow from a google photo album playing in the background and a full screen 30-45 day google calendar & weather “semi transparent” in the foreground. I have a 19" monitor in portrait orientation. I believe from the literature this is doable but I wanted to confirm before getting stuck into this project.
    Thanks in advance !

  • @steverichab background images are easy, MMM-BackgroundSlideShow or MMM-ImagesPhotos
    or one of the ones that loads from dropbox or google drive…

    the calendar is more troublesome

    the ‘best’ full page is MMM-CalendarExt2, but the author has left MM and no one has picked up support…
    it is very complex to customize… (and u can customize everything)

  • Thank you sdetweil!
    I think I will begin the project and my education on MM if MMM_CalendarExt2 is the ‘best’ for a full screen calendar is the is there an alternative if I can’t quit cut it with the ‘best’.
    Best regards

  • @steverichab I haven’t seen one that stands out

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