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Themes? Design help?

  • Hey everyone. I’ve just recently been starting to work on my MM. I’m not a very “artistic” guy, so I’m struggling with the layout/themes. So far, I’ve got it set up pretty good I just have issues with reading content. I still want to put a bigger calendar in the center that shows maybe 14 days from a google calendar. I havent tackled yet the css to adjust font colors…

    So far, my layout is:

    Top left: Holiday calendar
    Top center: Clock
    Top right: Upcoming birthdays from google calendar
    Main: MMM-Wallpaper shuffling photos from an iCloud album
    Bottom left: 5 day weather forecast
    Bottom center: current weather
    Bottom right: Wifi info & QR code
    Bottom bar: News

    I think if I figure out how to put a transparent background behind each “module” it would really help.

    What are your thoughts? Any tips or suggestions?


  • Oh, should mention. This is a rpi 4 8gb. I have it on a junky monitor at work but will be putting onto a ~43" LCD tv so hopefully fix color issues I’m seeing in person.

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