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Wrong dates on the calendar

  • I have v2.13.0
    .Maybe someone will help because I have no ideas myself. I noticed that the calendar shows the dates of some events from the google calendar incorrectly. What could this be caused by?
    For example I have a “śmieci zmieszane” event scheduled on my calendar as recurring every 2 weeks.
    Unfortunately, they are shown in the MM calendar with a completely different date. I
    imported the basic.ics file to the built-in calendar on win10 for tests and the events appear correctly in both the google calendar and win10.

    Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-19 164011.png

  • @majdzik84 we don’t know about windows timezone names, which are non-standard. I have some support in the develop branch. see the topic at the top of the troubleshooting section for instructions.

    older ms mail servers have even more messed up names. I am working on getting fixes deployed for those too.
    not just our code is broken.

  • @sdetweil I don’t know if we understood each other well. My calendar is with GOOGLE.

  • @majdzik84 send me a little ics file, one event. the ics is just text, so u can download and edit, or post the text of the event here. I am actively trying to fix calendar once and for all

    send to my email, same userid as here on gmail

    there were lots of problems with recurring and timezones. most fixed in 2.13

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