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annual calendar current year

  • Hi everybody,

    i´m looking for a solution to display the complete year on the mirror (jan-dec.) incl. school holidays (germany, Baden-Württemberg)

    Has anybody an idea to solve this?
    Would be great because i have two displays in one mirror and i want use one only for the whole year calendar.


  • @MC Hi all,

    no ideas?

  • Module Developer

    In order to get anything onto my calendar, I’d need to have notification support, Please stand by, I’ll get it running as soon as I can.

    In the mean time, You can show the module in a different way, and use something like MMM-CalendarExt2 to display an ICS with the school calendars in a list. In the image here, I have my public events listed in a couple of different ICS files, and shown here.


    If you’d like to know how I did it, please let me know.

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