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  • Nb: Using google translator …
    Have added MMM-Face-Reco-DNN to magic mirror and everything seems to work for my name for recognized person but the screen for turns black does not go back to normal magic mirror with date clock etc so what I now wonder can an image of the recognized person is displayed on the regular magic mirror screen. I’m by far completely new to this so programming I can not. I added this to the config file for magic mirror
    module: ‘example_module’,
    position: ‘top_left’,
    // Set your classes here seperated by a space
    // Always shown
    classes: ‘always’
    But magic mirror does not find this module should it be called anything else.
    Asking on my knees for some help here is just what is missing for this project.
    With regards
    Roy Bråthe (Norway)

  • @Aquamannno that was just an example the author provided on how to add classes to a module. it’s the


    where ??? is the set of arbitrary class name strings u want attached to a module (any/every module)

    this ‘class’ setting decides what modules are shown for particular people

  • understand but do not understand too but it looks like everything is fine got converted pictures and I brought up that it finds and recognizes me by name but it does not come up picture of me and everything that is to be displayed in magic mirror is gone can see a little of the analog clock I have entered, the whole screen turns black and a square appears with the welcome Roy but will try me a little further but this module which is shown as an example, it should not be included in the config file for magic mirror for magic mirror does not find module: ‘examle_module’,
    not so nice to be a newbie in this but cool for it then.
    So why does this not appear on the screen in magic mirror NB: I swapped places with the text that comes in the middle of the screen.
    With regards
    Roy (aquamann)

  • @Aquamannno u have to add classes: to EVERY module u want displayed for

    the default (as I remember) is nothing

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