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MMM-PIR-Sensor execute .py script

  • Goal: Execute .py using MMM-Pir-Sensor

    Hi all, I’m having trouble executing a .py script that sits in the directory:


    According to @orayoflighto in this thread, he suggests adding 1 line to node_helper.js that sits in the MMM-PIR-Sensor module directory from:

            if (data.indexOf("0x120002") !== -1)
              exec("/opt/vc/bin/tvservice --preferred && chvt 6 && chvt 7", null);


            if (data.indexOf("0x120002") !== -1){
              exec("/opt/vc/bin/tvservice --preferred && chvt 6 && chvt 7", null);
              exec("python /home/pi/py-spidev/RPi-LPD8806/");

    I’ve tried this exec() below in both activateMonitor and briefHDMIWakeup function and it’s not working.

        briefHDMIWakeup: function() {
            const self = this
            exec("/usr/bin/vcgencmd display_power").stdout.on('data', function(data) {
                if (data.indexOf("display_power=0") === 0) {
                    exec("/usr/bin/vcgencmd display_power 1", null);
                    exec("python /home/pi/Documents/")

    Note, calling sudo python3 in cmd line works itself. I’m having trouble figuring out why exec() is not calling in node_helper.js. Any tips on debugging this?

    I tried console.log(text); in .js file. It’s not calling either (i may be totally viewing command prompt wrong to view debug message)

    Thanks for reading!

  • MMM-PIR-Sensor by paviro node_helper.js txt here

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