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Default MM Font to use in iFrame?

  • I’m working on a solution to display the “Now Playing” information of my multi-room audio system on my MM. Easiest path seems to be displaying a webpage via the iFrame module. That said, I really want the metadata in the iFrame to match the rest of MM appearance/font-wise. The iFrame module does not seem to “natively” inherit the MM font, so I’m looking to hard-code the native MM font into the CSS of the webpage. Can someone provide guidance or suggestions on the name (or equivalent) of the exact font the default modules use? I’ve tried looking thru the main CSS, and find “Roboto” but when I use that font in the CSS, it doesn’t match.

    Thanks in-advance for the consideration.

  • @hokie-bird I-frame is a hole where the other original page shows thru. you don’t have control of that page, unless it provides that originally

  • Thanks, and I think I understand that, so trying to make the actual source webpage that’s displaying in the iFrame match the MM font, as I can control the source webpage via its CSS. Thus my ask for clarity on which font I can use on the source page to make it match.

  • @hokie-bird try


  • @hokie-bird sorry, I missed the question somehow

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