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Is there an online voice assistant with custom commands?

  • Hi everyone

    I have tested the voice assistants based on annyang (MMM-Voice-Control) and based on pocketsphinx (Hello-Lucy). With these modules it is really easy to add custom commands and have appropriate actions, which is very nice. But both modules seem to work poorly. When I talk to them, they work alright, but that’s just because I know how to do it (right speed, intonation, pronunciation, etc.) For other people, it’s just unusable.

    Is there an online voice assistant (to increase hit rate) where I can also add custom commands? Like when I say ‘Play Video’, the module sends a notification like ‘this.sendNotification(“YT_PLAY_VIDEO”)’ to all other modules.

    I know there are modules like MMM-GoogleAssistent, but you can not add custom commands in here.

    TLDR: Is there an online voice assistant that can interact with other modules by sending notifications?

  • @Edohvin I have not seen anything like that.

  • @Edohvin
    With MMM-GoogleAssistant you can add command with recipes… I think it’s easy for basic commands. Let’s try!

  • @saljoke Thanks for the reply! I will check it out right away!

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