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Borderless bathroom mirror

  • First things first. It all started 2 years ago when I started building a smart home system based on Home Assistant. The next logical step for me was a smart bathroom mirror that would display my calendar, commute to work information, weather info and sensor info from my smart home.

    I had all the needed hardware - 24"LCD, Raspberry Pi 3b+ and etc.

    I wanted a frameless mirror as it looked more slick, modern and professional.

    I decided to go with the mirror that Goldjunge_Chriz offered as it had a lot of positive reviews on the forum albeit being more expensive.

    The setup is the following:

    • 80x73 cm two-way mirror (I was the unlucky winner who got a broken mirror by the courier, but that’s another story. I managed to glue it just for the sake of testing. I found a mirror company here in Bulgaria that offers a better and cheaper alternative but I will share more details on that later)
    • 24" LCD monitor
    • WRGB LED strip behind the mirror, controlled by H801 Wi-Fi controller integrated with Home Assistant
    • PS3 eye camera behind the mirror which is responsible for face recognition and voice commands
    • External motion sensor turns on the mirror and switches it off after there is no motion detected (Home Assistant automation)
    • The WRGB LED is controlled by Home Assistant

    The frame:

    • Built out of 50x50 mm Г-shaped aluminum profiles, welded together
    • On the back of the mirror there is a non-transparent foil cut to the dimensions of the monitor
    • The frame is glued to the mirror through the foil

    Some pictures of the back of the mirror before it is installed:
    IMG_20200919_152708 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200919_152711 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200919_153349 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200919_154850 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200919_165634 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200919_182912 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200921_163433 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200921_183944 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200923_161232 (Large).jpg
    IMG_20200923_161723 (Large).jpg

    Videos of the mirror in action:


    • The mirror is too dark … it is not suitable for rooms with no natural light. I will be testing another mirror at a later stage and will come back with the results, but this one is definitely not going to serve as a normal mirror in your bathroom.
    • You have to stick something to the back of the mirror (e.g. non-transperant foil, wood panel or something else, otherwise you will be able to see through)
    • If you can afford it (I can’t at the moment) go for an OLED monitor/TV - the LCD backlight is seen through the mirror and while it is not that bad I am perfectionist and it bothers me 😃

  • Looking very good! I also have an issue with a dark mirror, but placed mine in the living room where there are more natural light.

  • Hello !
    it’s great
    could you please detail your used modules please

  • Sure.

    Currently I am using:

    • MMM-MyCalendar
    • MMM-DarkSkyForecast
    • MMM-homeassistant-sensors
    • MMM-Spotify
    • MMM-GoogleAssistant
    • MMM-GoogleBirthdaysProvider
    • MMM-MyCommute

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