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Display=:0.0 magicmirror and scripts in background

  • Hello everybody

    i m working on different scripts in background to have some screenshots…cutycapt doesn’t work with https url…then, i use xdotool or wmctrl (with another desktop on raspberry)…but these different scripts have to run only in background and not like this in foreground with magicmirror…
    My solution at this moment is to connect the second hdmi video to run scripts and working with magic mirror in first hdmi…is there a way to run both, display always magicmirror and run scripts without display or in background?

  • @chassain-0 what about using Chrome on your pc to capture the screen shots. Not sure what ubare trying to do…

  • @sdetweil
    it’s working now after start a server with a specific display like
    vncserver :11 -geometry 1024x768 -SecurityTypes None
    i have running scripts in background and magicmirror in front
    no sure it’s the good way because i’m new but i like this 🙂

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