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The mirror above the washbasin in bathroom? 230V?

  • Hello, I would to install my magic mirror above washbasin in bathroom.

    But, how do you manage the electrical security. I think it’s a little dangerous (and certainly out of the norm) to put the 230V powered screen above the washbasin. I noticed that the spot lights built into the mirror on wood frame are 24V. (Surely because of the standard electrical installation in damp rooms). How do you manage electrical security?

    I know, that the norm is not the same in each country. How do you do in Europe Union ? Any idea how to do very secure?
    I’m still hesitate with this project…

  • @alpyapple putt 12V led tv. “Nikkei Mobile TV NL22FMBK 12 Volt 22 Inch LED TV met DVB-S2 Fastscan en DVB-T2”

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