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CSS problems with your program

  • I tried to do the CSS section and from the start, the colors need to be changed so I changed them to red or blue or whatever and even used the forum to verify my answers tried to send out the problem on the forum and i’m being denied because i have to use the forum more? how do i fix your problems? the code i did was right and even found the right answers on the forum that matched my answers the text changed to the right color and all the other check boxes are selected but it fails me due to the color not being changed and yet it is… and it is the right answer style=“color: red”;
    so I went to the next one and it asked me to make a style section and change it to blue did that too and still failed even though the text was the right color the formatting was correct and everything was accepted again but the color wasn’t blue this time. yet the on-screen color was blue the forum agreed that my code was correct and even went to the next page since it won’t let me pass that one and the same issue on each page I have encountered… any time it asks for the color to be changed it fails me. I have been coding in HTML for years my spelling sucks but my codes are correct and verified through your own forum and all the people I code with and they even get the same error on this problem… it has got to be a bug with your system since I can’t even send the code to get help… I’m using chrome on windows 10 pro.

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  • I’m so sorry about that. I tried to download GB Whatsapp

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