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Alexa, AVS, AWS, devices

  • I got my magic mirror working. I got a few other modules working besides default. What I really want to do is: 1) control the mirror with alexa 2) be able to query alexa for general stuff, “tell me about abraham lincoln” and 3) use alexa home stuff (lightbulbs, linked devices, etc). I installed Awesome-Alexa and I think it works (she will tell me about Abraham Lincoln); but she won’t play music (even though the account I used for sign up on amazon is my parents prime account) and when I read through the installs for some of the accompanying modules i want (like MirrorMirrorOnTheWall) it seems like maybe I need to have AWS instead of AVS? I’ve gotten a bit tangled up on this. The amazon site has been a tough part for me, I follow the tutorials and when they aren’t current or aren’t pretty much exactly worded the same way … i have to find another one or go a different way. This started as an 8th grade engineering project (already turned it in but i have more i want to do) so longer easier answers help me a bit more. Thanks!

  • @flipfloplife unfortunately amazon doesn’t want you to do what you asked for.

    they only allow media on commercial devices, with specific prior approval

  • @flipfloplife mmotw tries to get around this by writing applets/intents, which invoke code back locally.

    but that is not amazon music etc.

  • @sdetweil — ok, so it’s not a full “version” of alexa I’m working with then? for instance – if i tell her to set a timer or alarms (something that is actually pretty useful) she says she’s doing it – but it never “goes off”. that’s the part that’s confusing. it feels like i’m getting the voice recognition but still missing … part of alexa?

  • @flipfloplife correct. in the hardware model the timer runs ON the device not in the cloud
    except nothing implements that in the software

  • @flipfloplife awesome alexa implements a very old avs v1 protocol. which doesn’t support notices for timers, etc.

    avs v2 is very complex, but does implements notices for timers etc. no module currently implements v2

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