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Someone to help me through the process

  • Hey all… new here. Looking to hire someone to help me through the process of building a smart mirror for bathroom. Please let me know if interested. Thanks!

  • Module Developer

    @pedro the best help you can get as far as construction goes is the “Show my mirror” section of the forum. As for the actual software, install and play, come up with what you want on screen.

    Good Luck.

  • Pedro - trust me on this. There is so much satisfaction that comes from the major frustrations you’re sure to encounter in the process of “figuring it out” on your own. I’ve just now signed up to the forum to first thank everyone that helped me through their threads that Google found for me when I was stuck and now, with TWO mirrors running to dig deeper beyond the “already made” stuff. You can do it and you will, like me, learn a whole pile of new stuff that you’ll carry on to many other projects.

    I’ve learned about terminal commands in Python, installing stuff through git commands, searching through error code and more. My first mirror was a basic setup which I then searched and experimented with to get localization working for time setting, news relevance, weather etc. I then figured out how to get our own families’ Google calendar events showing and so on. Mirror #2 started out from there and had facial recognition added to it for four members of our household.

    There were MANY hiccups along the way but I did it. You can too! Follow the guides that are out there and celebrate each success you have!

    I started this with minimal previous knowledge other than how to flash an SD card.

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