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My 24” MagicFamilyMirror

  • First of all - thank you to everyone who created and contributed to this project and to this forum and the various support threads on GitHub. I have a long standing hit-or-miss result when I dabble with this kind of stuff. MagicMirror has been a solid HIT! I found everything so well documented that most of the common issues I ran into had been discussed and solved before.

    I’ve got two SD cards runnable. I did the first setup over the holidays and stuck with the basics. Time, weather for my location, compliments (that’s a nice touch - I really like that part of this project). I was able to set up several of our local news RSS feeds (only to find out that they all really have the same headlines so I cut back how many feeds I was pulling from). I couldn’t resist the Dad Jokes module and have had many good chuckles thanks to that one already.

    I then made a second SD, starting from scratch rather than cloning the first…good opportunity to learn deeper. Once I had it at par with the first I proceeded to get MMM-Face-Reco-DNN functioning, identifying four of us in this household and adjusting the mirror accordingly.

    I’ve JUST got my shop tidied enough that I can get my table saw out to make the frame for the screen and mirror so will post photos of that process. The glass measures about 18” x 25” (vertical) and I used one way mirror film direct from the Amazon with pretty decent success. The cost of the glass and film was less that $30 combined. A true mirror would have cost me $130 locally.

    I found the screen through Kijiji - a 24” Samsung T240. It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered it was a hybrid HDTV/Display. That’s not ideal actually. It means more weight to the build because of all the TV related stuff. However it may prove valuable down the road in terms of added functionality I may get from having a reversion tuner built into the screen. We’ll see about that. One day. One other downside is the lack of a power brick. This weight again is built into the screen. And it also means a pretty thick cord going up the wall to the mirror. But not deal breakers. I’m super pumped to hang this up and enjoy it.

    So thanks again for all the help you all didn’t even know you were providing me. I look forward to making more and more of this Magic Mirror. Pics to follow (once I learn more about how this forum works).

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