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Show IP camera in Magic Mirror

  • Hello everybody,
    can someone help me to display my “Reolink” IP camera on the MagicMirror?
    Have already tried a couple of modules but without success.

    • MMM-iFrame
    • MMM-RTSPStream

    What worked with the module “MMM-iFarme”, if I insert the “rtsp-stream” link from Reolink in the config, and then start MagicMirror, MagicMirror and the VLC player start separately with the stream.

    Could someone show me an example config?

  • Module Developer

    RTSPStream is broken and won’t be supported anymore. Do you know if the camera is using h.264?

    If so, you could use OMXPlayer directly, bypassing MM, like I do. If it’s H.265, It can be handled by VLC or FFMPeg, but I don’t know how that would work.

  • @BKeyport yes it is a h.264, it is a Reolink IP camera RLC-410-5MP.
    I cannot install an OMXPlayer on RaspianOS because the system runs on a Proxmox server.
    Is there another way to just show a screenshot of the IP camera?

  • @drx1984 try with MMM-FreeboxTV?

  • @Cr4z33 said in Show IP camera in Magic Mirror:


    you mean the module MMM-FreeBox-Monitor?
    Doesn’t work either.

  • Module Developer

    @drx1984 Ahh! I originally had one of those in use. Using OMXPlayer directly is likely the best option.

    What I’ve done is block out a section of my screen using a custom module that’s not published, then, using a bash script, I launch OMX Player with a command line like:

    omxplayer --avdict rtsp_transport:tcp --live --orientation [rotation] --win "[X1 Y1 X2 Y2]" rtsp://[URL]

    “Rotation” is the rotation of your monitor, 0 (Normal), 90 (right portrait), 180 (upside down), 270 (left portrait)
    “X1” is the left X position NOT CONSIDERING ROTATION.
    “X2” is the right X position NOT CONSIDERING ROTATION.
    “Y1” is the top Y position NOT CONSIDERING ROTATION.
    “Y2” is the bottom Y position NOT CONSIDERING ROTATION.

    omxplayer will then launch on top of the mirror screen.


    omxplayer --avdict rtsp_transport:tcp --live --orientation 90 --win "1500 325 1915 1075" rtsp://U:P@A/2/h265/major

    My screen is rotated right portrait, so I rotate OMX to match. (90)
    The window I need cut out is 700x415 pixels, my resolution is 1080x1920. You’ll notice I have it 5px off the edge to assure I see everything, and I’ve got it in the upper right corner of my display. my camera I use now instead of the Reolink is using that URL, even though it puts out a H264 stream at the moment (I’m looking for an option to go to H265 as h264 uses flash for display)

  • I am using iFrame. But also using BlueIris to stream the IP camera to a http site, makes things much easier, plus I can get motion from BlueIris.

    		module: 'MMM-iFrame',
    		position: 'bottom_left',	// This can be any of the regions.
    		config: {
    			// See 'Configuration options' for more information.
    				url: ["http://192.XXX.X.XXX:XXXX/mjpg/CAM1/video.mjpg"],
    				updateInterval: 0.5 * 60 * 1000, // rotate URLs every 30 seconds
    				width: "1200px", // Optional. Default: 100%
    				height: "600px" //Optional. Default: 100px

  • Module Developer

    I now have MMM-FreeboxTV working displaying my IP Camera.

    Here’s the trick:

    Edit streamsConfig.json and strip out everything but channel 2.

    Channel 2 should be:

    "2": "rtsp://[url]"

    Then: in config.js

    	module: 'MMM-FreeboxTV',
    	position: 'top_right',
    	config: {
    		debug: false,
    		autoReplay: true,
    		fullscreen: false,
    		width: [to taste],
    		height: [to taste],
    		onStart: 2,
    		onStartDelay: 5000,
    		streams: "streamsConfig.json"

    PS: Because of my module size, I needed to still use my unlisted block module. 😞

  • @BKeyport do you mean that
    Unfortunately I don’t see a stream either

    Screenshot 2021-01-15 082339.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-01-15 082409.jpg

  • @jasondreher Unfortunately, iframe does not work with Reolink cameras.

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