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Timer with MMM-GoogleAssistant

  • Hi @all,
    It seems that standard timer service provided by GoogleAssistant does not work properly when it’s embedded in MMM-GoogleAssistant. Did anyone manage to use this functionality via MMM-GoogleAssistant ? “Hey Jarvis, set a 5 minutes timer please”.
    …unless I’ll use other MMM modules, but I’d prefer to have it in the voice assistant.

  • Hello,
    I know that no answer is synonym of stupid or already-answered question but I am new in all that and need a bit of support on the strategy to adopt.

    1. Shall I install a distinct module (MMM-KitchenTimer, MMM-AlarmClock, …) ? Wont there be any incompatibility with GoogleAssistant ?
    2. Shall I create a recipe in GA ? Did anyone managed to create one and want to share ? …or is it better to retro-engineer an existing timer module to introduce it in GA ?
    3. Why standard Google voice commands does not work by default ? These recipes already exist on my Nest, why arent they inherited in GA ? GA only uses S2T but not standard recipes ? In that case, no need to investigate the setup og my GoogleAssistant in…

    I’m lost between different strategies. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • not possible actually (read this)

    After maybe if you code another module (who accept incomming notifications), i should works
    In all case, i will not code it at now because:

    1. i can’t internationalize the vocal request
    2. i have not coding any module to accept any alarm fire on demand

    after if you want to implent it, you can code it on GA/A2D

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