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Using already existing NodeJS Components in modules

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been working on a small project lately, which is to create an alarm clock for on the bed stand. I have seen the various modules, however I could not really find one that would work exactly as I would like it to. Therefore I started to piece together the alarm clock based mostly the default modules and the MMM-ModuleScheduler.

    One of the main features would be to be able to play audio streams, like internet radio stations, once the alarm has been triggered. Please understand that I am a very big noob when it comes to Node.JS so I would need some help to get started. I found on a very nice and elaborate audio player (React). I would like to use this to play the audio streams, and in the future also video streams. the thing I am struggling with is how to be able to use the functionality from the React components and player within the to be created module. Can anyone guide me to some documentation how this could be done? I have tried using the require method, but so far no luck.

    ps. Any hints on great books on Node.JS or other resources are very welcome too!



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