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MMM-NFLweather - NFL Weather Module

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    This modules shows the weather for all NFL games, Preseason, Regular Season and Post Season as well.

    IF the team is playing in a dome it will list it as such:
    “Dome Stadium: NAME OF DOME”

    IF not it will show
    "WindChill: "

    Format is Date/Time/Network
    Team AT Team
    Game TIme Temp
    Dome or No dome

    PLEASE view the Readme on GitHub as it tells you how to get your api key for this module!

    config.js format:

                  module: 'MMM-NFLweather',
                  position: 'top_left',
      			config: {
      				key: "xxxxxxxxx"

    Instruction: go to
    ~MagicMirror/Modules/MMM-NFLweather and run:
    npm install

    After that if you have your key in you should be working! 🙂




    Version 1

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Please do a ‘git pull’ to update.

    Minor change – Forecast showing null to showing N/A

    The other issues is showing the game is playing in the wrong place. Can’t fix that, it’s part of the json file that is retrieved. It will update itself. 🙂

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