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Anyone experience an issue with white walls and the mirror reflection?

  • Hi all,
    So I’m towards the end of my mirror build, I have all the modules setup how i want them on my pi which was super quick because I’d been using a ubuntu vm for testing and then just SCP the config.js over.
    Im at the point where I can put a tablet screen with a teamviewer session behind my Two-way acrylic to see how it looks size-wise and I’ve noticed that however bright i make the screen it’s not very clear because my walls are WHITE! So unless I’m standing directly in the front of the module i want to look at all i see is faint text amidst a reflection of a white wall LOL. I’ve tried changing the colour of the text to stand out more but it doesnt seem to do all that much. Has anyone else had to work around apartment decor and what helped you if anything?

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