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Scheduled ON/OFF Using GPIO Pins

  • I am currently using an older TV to run my MagicMirror and I am looking for a way to schedule output to GPIO pins. I would like to place a transistor across the push button power switch to my TV to toggle the TV on and off at different times. Since it is an older TV, it does not support HDMI-CEC to turn the TV on and off. I have been combing through MMM-ModuleScheduler and MMM-Button for ideas, but I am unsure how to proceed. I also stumbled across MagicMirror-Toggle which appears to be exactly what I’m looking for except I don’t need the WiFi integration. I would like to schedule the output to the GPIO pin instead. I would like to avoid using a PIR sensor.

    Can someone please help me out or shed some light on how I can achieve this? Here is an image of how I plan to interface the Raspberry Pi with the TV through a transistor, courtesy of MagicMirror-Toggle: GPIO Interface to TV

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