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Small Mirror, 12''x12'' borderless mirror with 8 inch lcd

  • I’ve completed the constuction of my mirror now, so here it is!
    As the title says its 12x12 inch with a small screen inside. How I made it was i bought a cheap 12x12 mirror frame with a viewable area of 9 inches then removed the glass and put my 2 way acrylic on top. this makes an essentially borderless mirror with a “pen” to house my pi and screen with supports. I with struggling with visibility of the modules so i pretty much changed the custom css to have nearly everything bold and bright. Unfortunately as you can I have some wobbly mirror goodnesss at the due to the floppy acrylic. I promised myself when i started that i’d keep the back super neat and tidy which i clearly did not do!
    The entire thing weighs less that 1.5 kilos, but cant remember exactly, pretty sure its closer to 1.2.2_1485549516834_16326195_10154299322681732_203552796_o.jpg 1_1485549516834_16326309_10154299322466732_1582842900_o.jpg 0_1485549516833_16357787_10154299322446732_1511699904_o.jpg

    Modules going counter clockwise starting at clock

    -default clock
    MMM-Todoist (menu for the week)
    default news feed
    default calendar (League of Legends matches)
    default news feed (edited to be a twitter feed of our trainline)
    MMM-voice (error cos i dont have a mic plugged it)

    Secret bonus modules
    MMM-movieinfo (starts hidden, appears in center when i voice command it to)
    Lastfm Scrobbler in bottom right
    I must have about 10 or so modules commented out in my config.js and I ended up just picking the ones I’d actually look at. But it’s fun to play with them.

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