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Analog Clock Module Midori Browser

  • I have the Analog clock setup but it only works from my laptop browsers (firefox, IE). On the Pi zero (Jessie full) I am running either Midori or KWeb and the clock shows but is stuck at 9:00.

    If I switch it to Digital, it works and i see the correct time and the seconds updating. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: I tried scaling the clock from 600 to 100 and it started working. Scaled it up to 600, still worked. Rebooted and it stopped.

  • Hello there, I am having the same issue, but I am running Pi Zero W with jessie lite. Did you manage to fix the issue by any chance?

  • I’m having the same issue except no amount of scaling will move it from 9 O’clock. In case anyone if lookingat unread psots and fixed it, how did you do it? Thanks.

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