Adding suspend and resume functions into modules

  • Hi everyone,

    Im using the facial recognition and added multiple modules into different classes.
    All the modules works fine together but my CPU load spikes up to ~90-100% at the startup.

    This made me stopping adding new awesome personal modules for each person. I found out the “Suspend and Resume” functions in the Development Documentation. I want to implement it into my Mirror to suspend unused modules.

    The point is if Person1 is recognized, the Default and the Person 2 modules should be suspended and Person 1 should be resumed etc etc.

    I made a short example of my config.js using the clock module and 2 persons.
    If you can help me further with 1 module, the location and the way of using it, i can use the code to add it for the other modules.

    var config = {
    port: 8080,
    language: 'nl',
    timeFormat: 24,
    units: 'metric',
    modules: [ 
            		module: 'clock',
            		position: 'top_left',
            		classes: 'default'
                        module: 'currentweather',
                        position: 'top_right',
                        classes: 'Person1',
    			config: {
                            location: 'location',
                            appid: 'APPID'
                        module: 'weatherforecast',
                        position: 'top_right',
    			classes: 'Person2',
                            header: 'Weather Forecast',
                            config: {
                            location: 'location',
                            appid: 'APPID'
    			module: 'MMM-Facial-Recognition',
    				config: {
    					recognitionAlgorithm: 1,		
    					lbphThreshold: 50,			
    					fisherThreshold: 250,			
    					eigenThreshold: 3000,			
    					useUSBCam: true,			
    					trainingFile: '/home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Facial-Recognition/training.xml',	
    					interval: 1,				
    					logoutDelay: 15,			
    					users: ['Person1', 'Person2'],			
    					defaultClass: "default",		
    					everyoneClass: "everyone"		
    /*************** DO NOT EDIT THE LINE BELOW ***************/
    if (typeof module !== 'undefined') {module.exports = config;}