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Dual touch screen overlay ghost touching

  • Hi, I have just built a magic mirror using a Packard bell that runs windows 10. I have a dual touch screen overlay that is ghost touching making it impossible to use, my friend tried my frame on her own magic mirror and it worked perfectly so I know its not the frame, any ideas? Thanks

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    @kchawke would be good to know, what IR-frame are you using?
    What do you mean by “dual” touch? Two touch points?

  • @broberg
    Hi, thank you for your reply.

    Dual touch IR Overlay Touch Screen Frame Panel Interactive 32" to 82" 16:9 is the description of the item. I spoke with the gentleman before I purchased it and he said it was perfect, my friend brought the same frame and hers is fine. The manufacturer accessed my Mirror remotely and the report showed no errors with the frame so he said it must be a windows problem?

    Many thanks

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