How hot does your mirror run?

  • I built my smart mirror this weekend, It contains 2 older 15 inch LCD monitors i had laying around and 2 PI 3s, They are built into a shadow box that has a mirror on the front and the ambient temperature in the box seems to sit around 90 degrees F, I have some ventilation but i wanted to see what other peoples were sitting at.

  • I built the same, and the thing is HOT! I have to install some ventillation and maybe a fan… The monitor itself under the 2 way glass is almost burning to the touch!

  • Mine doesnt get quite that hot, I put a small vent openings on the back of mine to allow the heat to escape and i wrote a cron job to check the temperature and if it gets over 70c it will turn off the display which reduces the temperature quite a bit and it waits for it to get back to 55c before turning back on. I also set it to shut down the pi too and not come back on if it gets over 80c, Im currently in the process of adding a time control to the script so it will shut off durring certain hours of the day for power saving and if its in an area where you dont want any light at night such as in a bedroom. I will post it with installation instructions once it is finished and undergone a little testing. Here is how the inside of my box looks for comparison.

    alt text

  • @wered would you mind sharing that script to turn it off at 70c and back on at 55c? Would solve some problems I’ve been having lately. Thanks!

  • @chieftainSupreme

    I Have finished the script, I have a link to the git repo for it here and i have installation instructions/Config guide here

  • @wered awesome thanks man! I’ll give it a shot tonight

  • @wered I can’t install rpi-temp or tempcontrol, says it can’t locate the packages. Would you mind checking if there’s something wrong on your end?

  • Mine gets very hot. I think it’s because of my old monitor. I actually had the heat affect my HDMI cable and had to replace it as my monitor kept cutting out.

  • @chieftainSupreme What distro are you running on your pi?

  • @wered running a multibootpi setup with retropie, raspbian and libreElec. Trying to install this on Raspbian, and i couldn’t get it done with either install method, apt-repo or manual. I’m pretty new so it may be an error on my part

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