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Need a how to on Modules

  • Hi all.
    I am looking for an how to on installing and activating modules and a rely noob guide on this as i just got my mirror working on my RPI and thats was not easy as i dont have any skills at all in this but want to learn.

    Hope for help and explanation how modules works and how to config it to work.

    As i see the default but i want to add my own modules to make it more fitted for me.

  • Project Sponsor

    Almost everything is already written on how to add new modules and slmost every module has it’s own readme on how to install it and how to configure them.

    The big thing I’ve noticed when questions do come up about modules not working is that people haven’t read the instructions all the way through.

    Here is the basic write up on installing 3rd party modules :²-Modules

  • Thanks. Will read it and hope to get all right.

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