MMM-Traffic - Green Text?

  • Hi, first time poster here. I really love the whole thing, and I wanna say a big thank you to everybody who is contributing to this project. I’ll present my first MM soon ;)

    Now for my Issue with the MMM-Traffic module.
    I understoood, that you can show the text in green, yellow and red depending on how much traffic to expect. Now i can’t get it to work, it’s allways white. Maybe you guys can show me what I did wrong, here’s my config.js:

                            "module": "MMM-Traffic",
                            "position": "top_right",
                            "header": "Verkehr",
                            "classes": "bright small",
                            "config": {
                                    "api_key": "this is where my API key is",
                                    "mode": "driving",
                                    "language": "de",
                                    "show_summary": "true",
                                    "origin": "this is where my home is",
                                    "destination": "this is where my work is",
                                    "arrival_time": "0800",
                                    "route_name": "Fahrt zur Arbeit",
                                    "changeColor": true,
                                    "showGreen": true,
                                    "limitYellow": 5,
                                    "limitRed": 20,
                                    "traffic_model": "pessimistic",
                                    "interval": 120000

    This is in my \MagicMirror\config\config.js file, i understodd that it’ll override anything in the module folder, is that correct? What am I doing wrong? Thank you guys!

  • Module Developer


    Does this work then?

                            module: 'MMM-Traffic',
                            position: 'top_right',
                            Header: 'Verkehr',
                            classes: 'bright small',
                            config: {
                                    api_key: 'this is where my API key is',
                                    mode: 'driving',
                                    language: 'de',
                                    show_summary: true,
                                    origin: 'this is where my home is',
                                    destination: 'this is where my work is',
                                    arrival_time: '0800',
                                    route_name: 'Fahrt zur Arbeit',
                                    changeColor: true,
                                    showGreen: true,
                                    limitYellow: 2,
                                    limitRed: 5,
                                    traffic_model: 'pessimistic',
                                    interval: 120000

  • @tobykah After checking the code I can say that the color part is only working when arrival_time is not set

  • Hi, I’m at work right now, will check on my RPi later tonight and let you know if my problem is solved. Thank you so much!

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