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Medicine Cabinet For Magic Mirror Frame

  • So, I’ve been thinking guys…(and gals), If I take my regular framed mirror down and use a medicine cabinet instead of building a box frame out will that work and have anyone tried it yet? They are selling good sized cabinets for about $40-80 at hardware stores. Thoughts anyone?

  • Of course it could work. Just replace the mirror with a two way mirror and attach the monitor to the door. Run the wiring along the hinge side of the door and either have an outlet behind the cabinet or feed the power cable through the bottom or side to reach an outlet. Good luck and post some pictures!

  • @bminer1 I’ve seen tons of people building boxes and I’m thinking why wouldn’t they just use medicine cabinets since they are inexpensive and will probably be about the same depth when completed. Unless they just like being Bob The Builders, I can completely understand that I envy them. I’m going to head to Home Depot and Lowes in a bit and see what I can come up with.

  • @SoleLo the reason why people build them could be because its cheaper to just buy a few pieces of wood and customize the size. med cabs are standardized and there is a door. some just build a frame, hang it and forget it. its all about the their preference.

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    In fact there are several mirror projects using medicine cabinets and similar things.
    I won’t go this route for several reasons.

    1. If you go for the cabinet and still want to use it you have to live with the cabling and the technical components being visible while the cabinet is open.
    2. Cabinets are available in several sizes, but you have to adjust your mirror to the cabinet. If you build the mirror yourself you are free defining sizes.
    3. Users like me want to go for slim cases instead of “thick” cases standing away from the wall.
    4. As you already assumed several users like to build things. It’s not just having/using the mirror, it’s about building everything on your own.

    Of course it is absolutely legit buying a complete case/housing and start from there.

  • @bminer1 I completely get your point. It’s much easier to build around what you want than to build around the predefined size of the cabinet.

    @yawns , these are all great points. I I definitely want a slim case, I didn’t think about all that. As far as using the cabinet, I already have one, I’m just going to replace my other mirror with the cabinet, but now I’m having second thoughts. You just invoked some serious thinking and evaluating to get the right one.

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    I’m sorry, I did not want to spoil your cabinet approach.
    Go for what makes you happy and what is possible for you 🙂

  • @yawns you didn’t spoil it, you just made me think a little more and see things from a different light. I appreciate that. We are all here for stuff like that… Thanks!!!

  • i think it can be a good idea, because iif you build the back slim and have a kind of cage/case around the back, it should be possible to still use the cabinet as a cabinet. would be very practical in smaller bathrooms.

  • @B4rth I’m going to look at the cabinets today to see if I can make a slim version or how the depth of them are in relation to what I’m trying to do.

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