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MMM-Traffic not hiding itself out of hours

  • Hello,

    I’ve got it working fine, except for the part where it is supposed to hide during off hours (hideOffHours config). It doesn’t. It shows with a “–” for the time for the drive outside the start and end hours.

    Config is as follows.

        module: 'MMM-Traffic',
        position: 'bottom_bar',
        classes: 'dimmed medium', 
        config: {
            api_key: 'xxxxxxxxxxxx',
            mode: 'driving',
            origin: 'xxxxxx',
            destination: 'xxxxx',
            route_name: 'Home to  office',
            prependText: 'Current drive time to  office is',
            changeColor: true,
            limitYellow: 5, //Greater than 5% of journey time due to traffic
            limitRed: 20, //Greater than 20% of journey time due to traffic
            interval: 120000, //2 minutes
            showWeekend: false,
            allTime: false,
            startHr: 6,
            endHr: 10,
            hideOffHours: true

    Thanks for any help

  • Install MMM-ModuleScheduler :

    and put this text in your Config.JS :

    module: ‘MMM-ModuleScheduler’,
    config: {
    // SHOW MODULES WITH THE CLASS ‘daytime_scheduler’ AT 05:00 AND HIDE AT 08:00 EVERY DAY
    global_schedule: {from: ‘0 5 * * *’, to: ‘0 8 * * *’, groupClass: ‘MMM-Traffic’},

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