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  • @slametps
    really a very helpful module.
    Dawateislami provides the prayer time of thousands of locations around the globe.

  • Hi Slamet PS and everyone,

    I am new to this stuff. started playing with raspberry pi during these lockdown days. I recently used MMM-PrayerTime module for my mirror.

    Currently i am showing prayer time and sunrise on my screen. i found 2 following issues.

    • adhan plays on time but stops at the very end of adhan. i mean it doesn’t play full adhan and misses about last approx 10 seconds of wma file. I googled and found out that the OXM player had that issue which should be solved after update. I tried to update and upgrade my PI but no luck.

    • Secondly it starts playing adhan at sunrie time. Whereas it shouldnt play adhan but may be some beeps sound or something for sunrise.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


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