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Multiple question in 1

  • Hi all,

    That magic mirror thing doesn’t let me go. 🙂
    Got some questions.

    I have a wireless remote control that I would like to use for magic mirror. this one

    Now I was wondering if I could do multiple things with it. Things like:
    1: Change profiles (the misses and me have different taste of modules)
    2: Control music that is playing + volume control
    3: When screen goes dark, just use the touchpad to wake up screen

    It won’t be a Mirror as such but mote a kiosk kinda thingie.
    Now my testing is still on the raspberry and a monitor. Nothing hardware build yet. First I want to get the magic mirror as I would like it and then start building the hardware around it.
    (Additional speakers, versatile border around screen in some kind of cork material so we can pin pictures on it and maybe control LED lights installed behind the frame)

    Kind regards

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