Wich pir sensor ?

  • Hi !

    I want to put a pir sensor but I don’t know which one to choose and if it will be compatible with my monitor.
    The monitor is connected in DVI with a DVI / HDMI adapter.
    And if you have a good tutorial for me please ^^

    Thank you !

  • Moderator

    The PIR sensor does not depend on your screen or the connection to the screen.
    The sensor comes with three pins:

    1. power supply
    2. ground
    3. data

    If the sensor detects a heat change (e.g. a person is coming closer to the sensor) it triggers the data port to say “I noticed something”. Based on this detection you can tell your pi/your script to do whatever you want, for example disable the HDMI port.

    This tutorial is for arduino, but the technical part should be of help: https://learn.adafruit.com/pir-passive-infrared-proximity-motion-sensor/overview

  • Thank you

    There is a way to simulate the operation of the sensor to see the result on my monitor ?

  • Moderator

    What do you want to simulate? The behaviour before you buy a sensor? Or check the output/detection before actually disabling the screen?

  • @yawns

    Yes I want to simulate the behaviour before buying the sensor

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